Pose: AP – Toronto 3

Head: CATWA – Daniel Bento Mesh Head @ mainstore CATWA

Applier: Stray Dog – Yori @ TMD September 5th – September 30th

Tattoo: RedFish – Kunyde Tattoo

Ears: ^^Swallow^^ – Rox Ears @ mainstore ^^Swallow^^

Piercing: GABRIEL – Lip Piercing Gacha (Catwa Daniel) Black @ mainstore GABRIEL

Hair: Tableau Vivant – Barbercut – Viking (Epiphany July EXCLUSIVE)

Hair Base: Tableau Vivant – Barbercut hair base + forhead Gacha (RARE)

Nose & Neck Piercing: ROZOREGALIA – Gemma Nose&Neck Piercing Set 1

Mask: [BODY FACTORY] – Shanks Mask (Black) @ Swank September 7th – September 30th

Arm Straps/Bracelet: [BODY FACTORY] – Fallen Arms Straps/Bracelet @ Swank September 7th – September 30th

Katana: [BODY FACTORY] – Kombat Katana (Silver) @ Swank September 7th – September 30th

Suit: Gild – Dark Traveller suit vender @ mainstore Gild


Lodge: Culco – Safari Lodge @ mainstore Culco

Rug: Kaerri – Tokyo Rug @ Swank September 7th – September 30th

Dish Setting/Coffee Table: Kaerri – Tokyo Sake & Dish Settings/Geometrica Coffee Table @ Swank September 7th – September 30th

Couch: Kaerri – Tokyo Couch @ Swank September 7th – September 30th

Bushido Display: BAMSE – Bushido Display – COMPLETE SET

Bonsai: Compulsion – Compulsion Bonsai 3 @ mainstore Compulsion

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