Apocalyptic City Gacha: OLQINU (Flickr) @ Panic of Pumpkin in Okinawa October 12th – November 1st                                                                                                                        Antisocial Garage (RARE)
darkness deep sign
suicide club sign
hell address plate
flag rebellion
toxic drum
hazard area barricade
tinplate poster [riot]                                                                                                                         Knife Necklace (Hunt Item)

TOO OLD FOR CANDY Gacha: lock&tuft (Marketplace . Facebook . Flickr) Uni Mask & Hair 16. RARE, NoSleep Backpack (VIP REWARD) @ The Epiphany October 15th – November 12th

Tattoo: THIS IS WRONG – Warpaint Tattoo

Earrings: The Little Bat – Cross Earrings

Pants: RIOT – Idris Moto Pants @ mainstore

Tattoo: CHAT NOIR Pose design ( Blog . Marketplace . Facebook . Flickr) – Tattoo 2022 @ NEO-Japan (Blog . Facebook . Flickr) September 29th – October 21st


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