Mask: CerberusXing (Blog . Flickr) Devourer Mask @ Anthem October 3rd – October 30th
Door: CerberusXing (Blog . Flickr) x Insominia Angel – Deadely End Door @ The Fantasy Collective October 10th
Backdrop: CerberusXing (Blog . Flickr) Crucem Inverso @ mainstore
Ears: CerberusXing (Blog . Flickr) Ostium Impaler Ears @ mainstore
Claws: CerberusXing (Blog . Flickr) Shredder Claws @ mainstore
Bracers: CerberusXing (Blog . Flickr) Lance Brancers @ mainstore
Tattoo/Face Tattoo: IMMODEST (Blog . Marketplace . Facebook . Flickr) Darkness Falls Tattoo (Belleza . Catwa . Maitreya . Omega . Signature . Slink) @ mainstore

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