Sneakers: Native Urban (Marketplace . Facebook . Flickr) Rockstar Sneakers (Legal M/F . Maitreya . Gianni . Unrigged) @ UBER February 25th – March 22nd

Hoodie: Native Urban (Marketplace . Facebook . Flickr) Bloemendaal Hoodie (Belleza . Legacy M/F . Maitreya . Gianni) @ mainstore

Pants: Native Urban (Marketplace . Facebook . Flickr) Matisse Pants (Gianni) @ mainstore

Plastic Bag: TAIKOU (MarketplaceFlickr . Facebook) Plastic Bags (drink & ramen) @ mainstore

Hair/Hat: ALANTORI – Alex Hair with Cap # mainstore

Skateboard: WRONG – Skateboards Gacha 3

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